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More Seafood, Less Roasts this Christmas

Dec 2007:

A 20 per cent surge in demand will push up seafood prices at Christmas as more families look beyond the traditional roast.

Consumers, however, still are expected to splurge on seafood.

In South Australia, Seafood Council SA secretary Michael Tokley said processors and manufacturers had reported demand this Christmas was up by at least 20 per cent.

"The demand is across the board, with consumers buying a range of seafoods for both hot and cold meals," he said.

"Seafood is more plentiful and affordable these days and people are more educated about how to prepare it and the health benefits."

Angelakis Bros' Michael Angelakis said the traditional Christmas dinner was being replaced by buffets containing a wide range of seafoods.

He said consumers loved barbecuing fish and enjoyed the taste of prawns and lobster.

"The drought has had a huge impact on our fisheries but we've got plentiful supplies," he said.

"We've also got a back-up supply of oysters from Tasmania as well as triploid, asexual oysters, from the West Coast."

International Oyster and Seafood sales manager Ange Delmedico said the high dollar had lessened export demand and made it more affordable for the local market.

"We've got plentiful supplies of everything with plenty of lobsters, finfish, salmon and prawns," Mr Delmedico said.

Angelakis prices include lobster for $68/kg, oysters for $11.90 a dozen, King George Whiting for $55/kg, Barramundi fillets for $34.90 and silver whiting for $33.90. Specials include Blue Grenadier fillets for $17.90/kg and King Snapper fillets for $28.90/kg.

Samtass has SA King prawns for $27.99/kg, southern rock lobster $56.99 and Smokey Bay oysters for $10.99.